Saturday, November 26, 2016

Max Gone Flying 2016. Episode Two.

The heart of the season. June - August. A few XC flights, long West Rutland flight, and just having fun all around. Awesome summer!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Max Gone Flying 2016. Episode One.

For the last two seasons, I was doing flying season compilation videos. I wanted to make something different this year. When I started putting a video together, I quickly realized that I had so much video footage that even with creative cutting I couldn't fit everything into one song.

Not that it is a requirement, but a length of a song is a good measure. No one wants to watch 15 minutes of boring flying clips. So, what should I do? How about a several episodes? Hm, not a bad idea, I thought. And I'll make it chronological too. This way several episodes would make more sense... maybe.

And so, SkyMax Studio proudly presents - the first episode of "Max Gone Flying 2016" series.

This episode includes January to part of June. I also coupled month and location. Take a look. I hope you enjoy it